#thingspapachongsay What's That On Your Leg?

#wallpaper Mekk mekkkk Happy Chinese New Year Mekkkk

I'm Going to Shower Soon

Queen Size Bed

10 Restaurants & Cafes to Try in Seoul

#auntieching Sampling at Supermarket


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Here are some of the many brands that I've worked with in this blog and other social media channels. I am able to provide a creative approach that will suit your brand's needs in your promotions.

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Hi. I am Chee Ching.

And I'm interested in all things creative. I design, illustrate, draw and create ideas as a job. I also love to travel and see the world.

For blog engagements / opportunities / collaborations / design and drawing services do email me at cheechingy@gmail.com.

I also update random stuff here at my Facebook page. Unicorns included. :D