Hanoi: 4 Different Types of Coffee You Must Try

Vietnam is synonimous with its coffee. I really really really really (Really x infinity) love Vietnamese coffee because of its distinctive aroma and strong taste. The first thing I did after I checked into my hostel was to hunt for coffee!

Vietnamese Coffee (Ca phe da)

The cream of the crop, authentic Vietnamese coffee, either black or you add a little condensed milk to it. I usually drink black but I cannot resist the latter as it's really, really delicious haha. Ca phe da is made from medium to coarse ground coffee and is dripped using the traditional coffee filter. Prices range from 20000VND to 30000VND depending on where you go. I find that it's cheaper in the many cafes around than buying off street stalls, not sure why. o_O

Coconut coffee

There's this chain of cafe called Cong Caphe is a military themed cafe, and the pricing is on the steeper side but you can to enjoy the WiFi and comfortable seats, why not right?

One of the most recommended one is coconut coffee. I love coconut and coffee. This was around 40000VND, still cheaper than the blended drinks here in Malaysia!

Bed of real coconut slushie on top of strong Vietnamese coffee? Sign me up!

Yogurt coffee

In the bid to finish all my money before departing to the airport, I bought yogurt coffee from the same cafe. Who knew yoghurt can go so well with coffee. Vietnam, you are doing coffee right! It feels like drinking a smooth concoction of milkshake, and the yogurt toned down the strong bitter taste of the coffee, making this a very enjoyable drink.

Egg coffee

If you do not fancy coconut or yogurt in your coffee, why not try egg coffee! Famous place to have it in Hanoi is in Cafe Giang.

The egg made the coffee really frothy, but I don't really like it. It's too sweet for me, and I could not really decipher the taste. Maybe it's too adventurous for me. Haha.

Cannot wait to go back and drink more coffee and explore Vietnam again! Seriously it's one of my favourite country to go to haha.

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