So, I Got A Nose in Less than 15 Minutes

So, I got a nose in less than 15 minutes at Sliq Clinic. No joke guys. Also, yes I'm becoming a vain pot hahahaha.

A little exaggerated, but I wasn't born with a tall bridge, and wearing spectacles is quite a hassle because of it too. I never really knew the importance of having a bridge until I got older. Haha.

Sliq Clinic is located at Oasis Village Ara Damansara, which is also a plus point cause I stay 10 minutes away woohoo. I think when it comes to beauty stuff it's wise to go to a clinic as it's more certified! Its interior is clean and minimalistic, like what a clinic should be.

Say hello to Dr Steve! My first impression of him is that, 'Wow this doctor certainly know beauty.' Hahaha.

There are many types of fillers in the market, from brands and ingredients. Usually, it is best to consult with your doctor or do your own research on which filler are suitable for you from budget and safety of the product. How it works in Sliq Clinic is that you buy per ml. Usually for normal cases, you'll only need 1ml but if you wanna improve your other features, then you can get more.

He explained to me what's gonna happen before the actual procedure. So this is Hyabell filler from Germany, newly imported to Malaysia. So, I'm like a guinea pig? Hahaha. Joking. This is a FDA approved filler like other premium brands, hence it's safe and do not have any side effects. Phew. Its main content is hyaluronic acid and it's the same component of our skin hence producing a very natural result. You wouldn't want to look like a witch hahaha.

Hyabell also comes with Lidocaine so that it will lower down the pain if your threshold is really low. Thank god my pain tolerance is pretty high so I only felt very slight pain. It's completely reversible so you can remove it without surgery. Hyabell lasts from 1 to 1.5 year depending on your metabolism so I hope mine can last longer as I workout a lot. T_______T

Step 1: Numb the nose

Step 2: Poke, fill and shape | Step 3: Marvel at that bridge.

Also if you see the step 3 picture, it's really high, but it will be lower and more natural as time passes.

The whole procedure took only 15 minutes. Must be magic. Dr Steve gave me a nose bridge and pointier tip so that my nose will look smaller, and it will elongate my round face.

What happens after?

For the first few days, I felt a little pain when I accidentally applied pressure to it when I'm washing my face or my bad habit of touching my nose. My nose also felt oily and rough, but it only lasted for a few days. No shades of spectacles are allowed too because the filler has not hardened. 

After a week, I went back to the clinic for check up.

Don't wanna laugh or cry hahahah.

The filler finally set its place, notably smaller and more natural and you can start wearing your shades or spectacles again!

Safety comes first in Sliq Clinic, and having Dr Steve as a certified aesthetic doctor, it'll ensure better results and less complications. Doing these kinda procedures on your (one and only) face needs to have the best outcome, so don't simply take risks yeah? But if you are not keen on fillers, you can always try Korean nose threading so just contact Dr Steve for a consultation! 

Sliq Clinic
Oasis Village Ara Damansara. It's located on the second floor. | 017 277 5580

Oh yeah, if you're a blogger and have any skin problems and wants to get it fixed by Dr Steve, leave me a comment below on the problems and blog link, and we might fix it for you!

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  1. Ohai Chee Ching. Can Dr.Steve recommend something to be done to dark eye circles and bad eye bags? Like...BADDDDDDD eye circles and eye bags. Like can see from 1 mile away kind of bad. It's the only issue I'd like to get fixed at this point of time. :)

  2. OMG! This looks damn interesting and tempting. :D

  3. is there a cure for pigmentation? lol i have like freckle problems.
    not sure if its fixable. HAHAHA :)

    Geraldine xx


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