Kuala Lumpur's Very Own Art Festival is Coming!

Soumik, one of the more anticipated performance in Diversecity 2016.

Who likes art festival raise your both of your hands up! :)

I was quite elated when I found out that KL will have its own performing and visual art festival for the second time, with local and international artists and performers. I really like appreciate arts and designs, and when I found out about this...

I was like...

So why I think this DiverseCity 2016 is good for us?

1. It's a 5 week event from 31st August to 2nd October 2016

Meraki / Indian miniatures / Ami

... which means you have something to do every weekend, instead of loitering in malls or spending money cafe hopping hahaha.

2. Amazing international acts

LaLaLuna theater performance

Line up includes Feet on Fire which is a collaborative Flamenco and Indian dance, and King of Ghosts, which weaves Indian folk rhythms and orchestra.

3. Strong local contributions by our very own talented artists and performers

Sarawak Borneo Exotica Music / Traditional Dance 

We have such a diverse culture and heritage, hence it's not surprise that many great local talents are participating too. From the traditional like Main Zapin and modern shows and exhibitions like Kaleidoscope Drumming Festival.

4. Explore places that you've never been in KL

Dirgahayu Photography Exhibition

What I found out is that many of the shows and performances are hosted at places like Panggung Anniversary, Rumah Pena, Rimbun Dahan and Aswara. I never knew the existance of these places, or is it only me heh. 

5. Free entry to most exhibitions and performances

Jelajah Monodrama: Jual Ubat dari Stesen ke Stesen


6. ... But, no worries, there's discount available too!

Nari: The Shankar Family Project

Until 15th August, there are group discounts up to 30%, and concession price for students, refugees, senior citizens and many more!

7. More visual arts offerings

The Enchanted Forest Exhibition

This is my favourite because I'm all about visual arts too, and the best part is, most of the exhibitions are free hehehe. #auntyching


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