Ohey, Double Eyelids! (My Double Suture & Twist Surgery Experience)

And then I decided to get double eyelid. Haha. Just joking! I'm not that superficial okay!

I have been toying with the idea of double eyelid for quite some time, and I finally decided to do something about my eyes after so many years. It was pretty tough as I was not sure how am I gonna look after that.

(I don't know how to take a proper selfie)

After seeing some recovery pictures online between stitching and cutting, I opted for the former and looked onto DST (Double Suture and Twist Surgery) because of the short recovery period as I did not want to skip my Bootcamp nyahaha. Cutting the eyelid will result in at least 2 months downtime, so nooo wayyyyy. #priorities

Basically, DST is an improved non cutting procedure which works best for Asian patients. How it works is that only two sutures are being used on each upper eyelid and will result in longer lasting eyelids and is virtually scarless. Say yay!

#YOLO JUST DO LAH. Since it's reversible anyway.

Went to Me Clinic at TimesSquare for consultation because Dr. David, the DST Master is there. (Yes I gave him the name heh)

The consultation was pretty straight forward. He will determine if you are suitable for DST, and if you are, he will then tell you the type of crease and height best suited for your eyes. Left all decision making to DST Master because he's the pro. Remember to ask all the questions that you want here.

Tapered eyelid is best suited for my super asian eyes so I opted for that. Plus it's more natural. Parallel eyelids are more suitable for people who wants to enhance their eyes, or to look like Kim Kardashian.

The day of the Procedure

I settled down at the surgical chair, complete with a pillow for you to hug. The nurse will then clean your face first before the non invasive surgery.

"Any question?" 

"No let's do this before I back out!!"

"Are you ready?"

"Faster doctor, before I change my mind."

Dr. David DST Master drew 3 dots on my eyelid, and then injected 3 jabs of local anesthetic to my upper eyelids.

"Pain anot?"

"No ah."

I have no idea what's happening after this but during the whole procedure, I felt tugging and pulling (Something similar to my Strabismus surgery), as DST Mastermind worked his magic hands on my fragile little eyelid.

Halfway through the process I got curious and tried opening my eyes but was told to shut them back ahaha.

"Ok now this will be quite painful. Get ready.  I'm gonna inject anesthesia at this part." 

"Ok anot?"

"Ok ah."

Yes I have high pain tolerance haha.

So because of that, the whole process only took 30 minutes yay!


When I saw myself in the mirror right after I stood up, I had this reaction: "OMFG WHAT DID I DO TO MYSELF?!!"

And surprisingly, my eyes were not that swollen! And can you see the 3 holes? :3

For the first few days, I could not get used to it at all. T________T That was because my left eye swelled even more so I was quite worried. You can also see that my left eye recovered faster than my right.

(Some hipster picture to ease you from looking at my ugly, swollen eyes)

Was also given antibiotics, ointment and painkillers to be taken after the mini surgery. Diligently ate my medicine and dabbed ointment everyday. Also remember not to rub your eyes! And avoid seafood.

As the days go by, I began liking my eyes more and more haha. On the 6th day, it became more natural despite being a little swollen. AWWYEESSSS.

And I recovered in only 8 (!!!) days yayyyyyyy! 8 days! 8!

This is my eyes now. Nais anot? :P

My friend say I look more like my chibi character already. :D :D

Nah and another one with curled hair aha. SO NATURALLLLLLL RIGHTTT.

So in summary, if you are looking for...

1. Natural looking

2. Short term recovery
3. Longer lasting
4. Reversible (Just in case you're fickle minded or have cash to spare lol)

... go for DST! No regrets one. :D


Was trying my luck

Please go look for DST Master, Dr David for consultation if you're interested okay? MeClinic is located at LG Floor of Berjaya Times Square, near Borders book store.

Tel: 03 2143 3866
Whatsapp: 018 222 8122
Website: meclinic.com.my
Facebook: facebook.com/meclinic
Instagram: @meclinictimessquare

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  1. Super natural and nice...I gonna recommend my fren....

  2. Yeah. Just quote my name to see if your friend could get free consultation anot. :D

  3. LOL hahahaha wanna go bootcamp sammore! You damn epic right Chingy :P

    I'm quite curious now, especially if it's affordable :O

  4. Wow very natural!! How leng ah :)

  5. Omg you look lovelier! 83 been following your art for a while now, they never cease to amuse me :) just wanted to ask about the surgery.. When u said it "lasts longer", does that mean you need to go for touch-ups every now and then following the first surgery? :o

  6. It's quite okay if it can last for more than 10 years ahah.

  7. Thank you Kim! I also very happy ahahaha.

  8. Ah. No touch ups needed, but DST can last longer than regular stitching method. :D

  9. is this really not painful?! my pain tolerance is negative wtf

    how much does this cost? got installment or any payment scheme?

  10. Hwang tae kyung is my type i like him too

  11. I think they do. Probably give them a call and see? It's okay it's painful for awhile only. :3

  12. Nice!! How long it can last by the way?

  13. Hello! Thanks for sharing with us about your DST! Can I know how much you paid for it? :) Thanks!

  14. Great post! By the way, can you still see the 3 holes after it's all healed?

  15. You can give them a call at 03 2143 3866 for quote. Not sure if it's different now. :D

  16. Up to 10 years, and permanent if you're lucky.

  17. May I ask how old were you went you got it done?
    Im deciding because of my age :(

  18. 26! Go for consultation first. :) you can quote my name for free consultation. ✌🏻️

  19. how long did your bruising last? it looks quite intense the bruising on your eyes.
    otherwise it looks very natural and soo good! :)

  20. Around a week. :D Yeah everyone say so too! :D

  21. LOL I wanted my eyes to look like Kim`s. I had a scarless double eyelid surgery before two years and now I am planning to repeat it. My recovery wasn`t really long, though. My eyes were almost without bruises, guess I was lucky. Really appreciate when someone post his own experience. Thank you for that! Greetings!


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