GlamGlow Supermud to the Rescue!

GlamGlow Supermud will rescue my pores!

The whole mud texture is pretty light, and when I slapped them on my face, I was expecting for it to cover everything, apparently I'm only supposed to put a thin layer hahaha, so probably it justifies the high price.

It felt very tight at the first application and there's a slight stinging sensation as the mask dries up. But after a few seconds it felt really minty.

It was probably the scariest thing I've seen. My pores appearing as the mask dries up. HOLYBBQWTF WHY SO MANY PORES SO BIG AH.

Ok after washing off, my pores did not have noticeable difference, but my skin was tighter and smoother! That's good right? Haha.

Cannot wait to see if my pores will be better after a few weeks hehehe.

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  1. hahahaha kawaiii!! :D

  2. it is supposed to be omgwtfbbq!

  3. so cute la..pinch pinch...but i think those dot appearing is the sebum not ur pores dear...hehehe


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