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This festive season, let's stroll through Malaysia's kampung where life is simpler, and away from the city.

Hop on a bus, and travel up north!

Interact with the folks from Perlis in their humble home...

or visit the abundant rice fields in Kedah.

Then, fly over to Pulau Pinang for some good food, and authentic kampung houses!

Welcome to my kampung house in Perak! :D And of course to the right we have Kelantan, all the way in the East Coast.

Terengganu, also on the east has really tall roofs, where Pahang kampung houses boast colorful patterned tiles on the roof.

If you get lost in Malaysia, no worries cause we have friendly people that will help lead the way, especially in traditional village like Johor or Malacca, that coincidentally sport red roofs.

After filling yourself with siew pao from Seremban, head on to outskirts of Selangor before immersing yourself with the city life.

From Kuala Lumpur, grab the next flight to East Malaysia where Sabah and Sarawak greet you with open arms.

Dance along with traditional dancers at the Sarawak long house...

and end the day by staying over at the Sabah village. :)

These amazing kampung houses took approximately 10,000 LEGO bricks and measures up to 13m x 3m. I have no idea that each state in Malaysia have their own distinctive design on the traditional houses until now. So imagine, the number of research that needs to be put in to actually build this Miniland in Legoland Malaysia. :D

Which kampung house is your favorite?

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  1. Really an effort I'd say.. different designs for different culture.. I've not been to Legoland yet haha! :)

  2. Haha I think it's worth going if you have other things to do in Johor!

  3. Actually not complete lor since Sabah has many different house leh. Rungus, KDM, Bugis, Laut etc XD

    Then Sarawak have the Penan hut, Tallhouse, Bidayuh bamboo longhouse, Kelabit longhouse etc XD


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