My Purple Hair and I

When I heard the phrase low maintenance, but yet you are still able to see bright colors, I immediately lighted up. In other words, it's perfect for lazy people like me. Hehehhe. I initially wanted something funky, but Nadia said that those are fashion colors and will not last long. :'(

So I went to Restyle+ at NuSentral last week to give some colors to my hair! The main reason is because they only use Aveda products which uses natural ingredients so it won't harm your hair as much!

The salon itself not very big, but I like because they serve Aveda tea, and gives you an aromatheraphy oil to relax after your hair session ngehehehe.

I seriously thought my hair looked like a broom when Nadia showed me my hair HAHA.

Sometimes I feel the best part of going to a saloon is where you are being pampered haha. They wash your hair, blow and comb your hair, gives you massages and everything just felt right. I needed two people to bleach my hair, and boy was it a tough job. D:


Nadia and Kin patiently did my hair and the bleaching part was the longest. I almost fell asleep waiting haha. But I have to be patient for nice hair! I was so excited after the first wash!

And after 40 minutes, Nadia gave me a slight layered haircut to give some shape to my hair because I still want to keep my hair long. Oh if dye your hair here, treatment is included in the price so I think it's pretty worth it!

And it's not a broom anymore!

I totally did not regret going with Nadia's recommendation because low maintenance colors suit lazy people like me haha. So if you're looking for a new place to style your hair, head to Restyle+ at NuSentral yeah! :D

Tadah! Under the sun! Pretty anot? I hope the purple stays like this forever. T__________T

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  1. the color is wonderful :)

  2. nice color, but once bleached and color..gona be broomstick again

  3. whooaaa but the key question is, how much did it cost? 😖😖

  4. Gonna buy own color and dye myself haha/

  5. Dyeing hair iz RM210 with bleaching! And haircut was RM65 from a senior stylist.

  6. Nampak sudah filter

  7. Waitaminute. When you mean low-maintenance, you mean the colour maintains? Or? I had my pink hair for 2 weeks, and it's gone! :(

  8. Means when the colour fades, you won't get weird, yellow, blond dry hair. T___T

  9. looks good on you! :D

  10. colourful hair is always #winning!! :'D


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