6 Things I Learnt From Bootcamp As a First Timer

Hooyah! I'm almost done with my first month of Original Bootcamp! The main reason I joined this is because I want to look nicer in my bridesmaid dress HAHAHAHA.

1. It's addictive

My initial plan was to only join for a month, then resume my gym. But I don't know why torturing my body is addictive. I think the reason of me continuing Bootcamp is so that I know how far can I push myself. Come on burpees!

2. I felt like vomiting during my first session

FUARKKKK. It was the scariest feeling ever when you pushed your body till you felt like vomiting. I asked a fellow bootcamper if it's normal, and she laughed because apparently almost everyone is like this on their first session haha. But the good thing is, you have alternatives if your fitness level is not up to par to the exercises when you first started.

3. I never knew I could wake up that early!

Since my session starts at 7am, I would usually wake up at 6am. Sometimes I woke up before my alarm rings. Hurhur.

4. Exercising with the mud is pretty fun
Yes you get dirty, but it's a new experience! Apparently it's even better when it rains. Oh bootcamp doesn't cancel rain or shine, and the sessions are only cancelled when there is haze. Would love to experience when it's raining but only after I get my car okay. D: Also cut your nails because you are dealing with grass and mud on the field yo!

5. Bring gloves, water bottle and an extra t-shirt

Very important! Always remember to bring these! Scraped my palms on the first day of bootcamp and boy was it painful. :'(

6. I utter some weird language during Bootcamp
Sometimes my muscle ached like nobody's business. So I started uttering a whole new language also known as groaning haha.

If you want to join me, come join PJ Bravo in the morning at Padang Astaka from 7am to 8am, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Also, this Saturday there's a free trial so come and experience it yourself!


Happy announcement time!

My stickers are finally launched in KakaoTalk! So faster go get it now cause it's only free for download till next week! :D There are 40 stickers inspired by your everyday life! :D

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  1. Drama! Hahaha happy that you're enjoying it. Bukannya kena-mengena dgn aku, but maybe I like to see people suffer... :P

  2. Faster join back lo! Suffer together pl0x!


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