#thingspapachongsays Starbucks?

Haha sorry Papa Chong! I will treat you Starbucks soon!

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  1. Hahahaha ^^ good one...u sure need bring him there

  2. It's true. lol. We're a lot more privileged than our parents' generation wei. XD

  3. I bought my dad first Starbuck!! (okay it's from the complimentary second cup coupon) then again dad loves it hahaha. i ordered caramel macchiato XD

  4. The first time I bought my Mom a Starbucks, her reaction: "Hmm... quite nice. But so expensive! Kopi suit in Chinese shop also nice but no need 15bucks." =.="

  5. Haha Ipoh white coffee iz the best!!

  6. I don't think he can accept funky weird names lololol.


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