#thingspapachongsays Answer the Phone!

I have no idea why my dad dislike answering the house phone even when he is right next to it. D:

P/S: Some evil dude just pickpocketed my Samsung Note 2 today at a mall. So angry at myself, but is sad at the same time too. Sigh.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your phone Ching ): *pats& & virtual hugs*

  2. so u bath with rubber duckie?

  3. I prefer squatting toilets, I will never use sitting toilets bcoz sit to shit is very unhygienic and bloody disgusting OMG!!! i'm thankful to China for inventing squatting toilets.

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  5. Hi, I have link my page with your pic credit to u =) Love your comic ..... =P


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