#YourSingapore: Hipster Tiong Bahru, Bugis Street, and Orchard Road Christmas Light Up!

When you are in Singapore, head to Tiong Bahru which is Singapore's oldest suburb that is rejuvenated to be the hippest hood. It is the first housing estate back in 1930s.

I fell in love with this place the moment I reached here. #innerhipster

Although the architecture and buildings remained the same, many specialty coffee bars, quirky lifestyle shops and modern bistros graced Tiong Bahru today, just like these two shops, Plain Vanilla which serves freshly baked cakes and cupcakes, and Strangelets which sells beautiful crafted items like bags, jewelleries and notebooks.

When you are Tiong Bahru, there are plenty of shops that will strike you fancy. After browsing books at Books Actually, have a coffee at Forty Hands, then buy some children toys at Woods in the Books.

And after unleashing your inner hipster, go to Bugis Street for some quick shopping.

I thought things were pretty cheap if I don't convert ahaha.

Remember to have some fruit juice while you are at it...

And head on to Ritz Apple Strudel (SGD12.50) at Bugis Junction for teatime! The strudel is super fluffy and there were tons of apple pieces in it. However, my friends prefer the peach or strawberry ones.

Every year, Orchard Road is known for its Christmas Light Up, and this year the theme is Blue and White. If you have nowhere to go during Christmas, go to Singapore! I was really marveling at how pretty it is.

Plus, malls have their own decorations and it is just as adorable. :D

I really enjoyed my stay in Singapore, and would love to return again! I think I have not explored Tiong Bahru enough heh heh.

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  1. I've been living in SG but never been to Tiong Bahru area. F A I L

  2. Better go this weekend Kisty! :P

  3. Bugis street is the famous place to buy souvenirs


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