Chee Ching's 2013

Homergard 2013 is ending soon!

// 2013 is when I quitted my full time job in advertising and became a freelancer and also to be with a start-up.
// 2013 is when I really started traveling and documenting stories in this blog.
// 2013 is also where I missed few opportunities, and gained much more in other aspects.

So what happened in this blog?


Went to Golden Disk Awards held in Sepang. The award show was 2 days in total, and I got to meet GDragon upclose omgomgomgomg.

Plus, KWill gave us a peace sign too! Truly memorable concert haha.



Fell down outside my condominium. Never felt so shy in my life before, and I think the aunty selling Nasi Lemak nearby saw what happened. Wanted to bury my face on the ground and never get up.

I also developed split personality when I shop online.



Designed credit cards for a contest but didn't win anything. :(



Reminisced a little about my childhood.

Failed in brewing my own coffee. Where's my Dolce Gusto or 3 in 1?



Got really disappointed with our election results although I made some election reminders. :)

Funny things happen when I hangout with Shyyi. Also introduced a new blog content: Bimbo Friends!



Won the Big Blog Exchange contest by Hosteling International and went Canada for 2 weeks! It was the best experience ever in 2013! :D

Read my Canada travel stories here!



Combined my favorite characters into one big illustration.



Joined the #Fast4Malaysia movement where I fasted with many Malaysians out there to promote unity among us. Don't let the evil forces separate us rakyats.

Went to Chengdu, China where I realized that China is not as bad as I thought it would be.


Got the full set of the Coca Cola limited edition cans! #bestgiler! :D

Finally blogged about Kuching!

I also went to Taiwan with a bunch of friends, and mistakenly exchanged Thai Baht instead of Taiwan Dollars. :(



Went to Macau for 4 days 3 nights.

And did bungee jump for the first time!

Read all Macau stories here. :D



Changed my layout, like finally!

Drew an open comic for people who take the LRT because I cannot stand it anymore.


Went to Singapore! This trip also made me realized how comfortable life can be if I move to Singapore. Read all stories here. :) Universal Studios was epic fun!

December is also all about #TwestivalKL where it is a social media charity event! I was fortunate enough to be able to be part of the organizing committee.

And 2014, I am really looking forward for what is in store for me this year. And also, I am getting older again NOOOOOOOOOO.

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