Top Casinos to Visit While Travelling in Asia

For those who enjoy gambling, taking a holiday to a destination that offers casino gambling is part of an ideal vacation. Asia is becoming a top region of the world for vacations.

One area within this region is Singapore which offers many casinos for its guests. The two largest casinos in this area are the Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa which offers not only casino gambling but other activities for guests to enjoy.

The top casino in Singapore is Marina Bay Sands. This casino resort is so immense it has its own silhouette within the skyline. The complex is comprised of three different towers with a sky terrace running the top of these towers. Known as the SkyPark, guests can enjoy the world’s largest infinity pool as well as restaurants, gardens and nightclubs.

 The casino here measures 15,000 square meters. Within this space, guests can find over 2400 slot machines which include three and five reel slots. Progressive slot machines are also found here which are banks of casinos linked together. A portion of each bet is added to a jackpot which can be won according to some criteria set by the casino. Table games are also numerous with over 600.

Probably the second top casino in Singapore is the Resorts World Sentosa. Not only is casino gambling offered here but other forms of entertainment as well. A theme park was built here by Universal Studios. A Marine Life Park can also be found. This park offers visitors the largest oceanarium found anywhere in the world. In the casino, the amount of slot machines is 2400 which makes it comparable to the Marina Bay Sands.

However, the number of table games is a bit less at the Resorts World Sentosa but still impressive in comparison to other world casinos at 500. If after reading this article you have got into the mood to play some casino games, head over to and enjoy the casino experience from the comfort of your home.

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