Girls' Hairstyles Back in School

I am not sure if I am the only one, but is this how you tie your pony tail as well?

It is a must to pull down some of my hair in front!

Do you do this too back in school? Or do you see a lot of girls sporting this kinda ponytail hairstyle? Hehehe.

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  1. Yes that's how i did it too!! Hahahha...!!!

  2. omg yessss!! im even doing it till now bhahahaha! =P

  3. I did this as well back then! My school's discipline teacher would hunt down student and cut it off! D: Horror experience for me lol

  4. Hahahah! I did to hide my round face. T____T

  5. Omg! Cut it off!! /faster tie back

  6. YES. Hahahaha so that face don't look so round lol T___T

  7. I like all these hairstyles,i need hairstyles for short hair.


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