I Bungee Jumped Off Macau Tower!

Previously, in Macau adventure!

I always wanted to do bungee jump so when I knew that I'll be going to Macau, I had that urge to just do it after watching Running Man's episode where Jihyo jumped off the tower!

But there were one setback, the price is freaking, freaking expensive! So I decided, no I'm not gonna do it!

But when I got up to Macau Tower, I became so excited that my urge to just do it came back.


After running in rounds snapping pictures, we then went up the 61st floor where all the fun things are! At this floor, AJ Hackett operates a range of activities here from Tower Climb where you climb all the way up via a ladder, or the bungy jump which I was so excited for!

When I saw the signs, my heart began whispering to me.

And I decided to just go for it! Paid MOP2688 (MYR1065) and got my boarding pass to the awesome jump! I got a T-shirt, e-Certificate and Membership Card included in the fees that I paid. For full package with photos and HD videos, it is only MOP3388.

The AJ Hackett Bungy Jump is 233m / 764 ft high and it's the highest commercial bungy jump in the world! The cables were developed to not touch the tower, and also to withstand any weather conditions. So, we can even jump on rainy days!

First, the AJ Hackett Team prep you on a chair while they set you up and their equipments.

Then you say 'Hi!' to the cameras!

Then you stand at the edge, and look down.

And you just jump! :D

I'd got no money to buy the video so here's a GIF animation hahaha. It was 4 to 5 seconds of free falling, then falling down 233 metres below! Woohoo!

This was when I bounced up again and in all, no regrets, and I will definitely go other places for bungee jumping again! Gotta do all these extreme activities before my bones go frail!

And here is my certificate of achievement muahahaha. Bucket list item checked!


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  1. this is so cool ! hahah ! oh gosh.

  2. amaigattttttt your bungee jump is like super high can hahah! the one i did in NZ was also by AJ Hackett wan but it was about half the price :S cuz i think mine was a lot shorter, about 50m only lol.

    1. No wonder this one so expensive homaigot!

  3. OMG!! Planning to go for bungy jump too but it's really so exppp :(

    1. oh oh got it haha but I'm going to macau next year so planning to go for it D:

    2. I think there are cheaper alternatives! This one is especially expensive.


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