[New Layout] Ramming On My Vespa

Design 01:21

Macau Day 4: Miramar Portugese Restaurant, Lord Stow Bakery, and Taipa Village

Airasia 01:40

Whatever Is It, Treat Us!

Comic 01:14

I Bungee Jumped Off Macau Tower!

Bungee Jump 00:55

I Suck in Voting Contests But Vote for Me at Buzz Korea Awards 2013!

Comic 01:33

Macau Day 3: Umbrella Model, Venetian Grand Canal Shoppe and Dinner with Fireworks!

Airasia 01:27

Is The Router Safe?

Comic 01:50

Macau Day 2: Aurora MGM, Senado Square and Portugese Dinner at Litoral Restaurant

Airasia 02:47

Macau Day 2: Shrekfast, Breakfast with Dreamworks Characters at Sheraton Macau!

Airasia 01:42

Thai Baht?!

Comic 02:13

Macau Day 1: Sheraton Hotel, Hotpot and House of Dancing Water

Airasia 01:11

#BigBlogX Adventure Last Day: Ziplining, Fresh Lobster, Awesome Sunsets and Goodbye Canada! :(

Big Blog Exchange 01:29

I Can Go Europe Already!

Bimbo Friends 00:56

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