Malaysian Coca Colas #shareMYcokelah

One day, a mysterious package came to my doorstep!

It was from Coca Cola!

Ohai there!

Inside the package was all 7 limited edition Malaysian Coca Cola cans!

#syoknya = To express sheer happiness and enjoyment

 #lenglui = Pretty girl

#bestgiler = Damn awesome

#terrernya = Awesomely great or good

#fuyoh = To exclaim something surprising or out of the norm

#beb = Short for babe or baby

#macha =  To address friends / dudes

Which is your favourite phrase? :D Mine would be #fuyoh! Remember to #shareMYcokelah okay? :D

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  1. Me want a set too!

    somehow i got it #sharemycocklah

  2. can you get them around? :O I WANT TO COLLECT!

    1. I got them from Coca Cola PR company! But I think this is only available in Malaysia.

  3. Hai . You mean I can get the whole package ? Or collect it myself individually ?

    1. I got this as a complimentary from Coca cola but you can collect it individually!

  4. can i ask how to get it from coca cola malaysia?

    1. Hey I got this as a complimentary set hehe. Don't think they sell it as a whole.


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