#BigBlogX Adventure Day 11: Old Montreal, Hello Halifax and Outdoor BBQ!

Before saying goodbye, Gael said that...

And off I went to Old Montreal on my own the next day! :)

Tadah! Click to view bigger okay.

If you are wondering, Old Montreal is the oldest area in the city of Montreal. Most of the area here has already been declared as a historic district. Walking around the area made me feel like I'm in Europe haha.

Many historical buildings in this area is still in their original form which is an amazing place to roam around.

I was alone so I only can photoshop myself inside. :(

The unique thing about Old Montreal is also a slope right in the middle. And look it's a classic Ben & Jerry's signboard! :D

It was then time to fly to Halifax, my last destination in Canada. :( Halifax is located at the East Coast of Canada, under Nova Scotia. If you've watched World War Z, they seek refuge in Nova Scotia muahahahha.

Shane from HI Nova Scotia picked me from the airport and off we went to the Downtown to check in at HI Halifax! The weather was perfect as it was finally warm enough for me to wear shorts and slipper! :D

HI Halifax gives off a vibe like many other hostels under Hosteling, very warm and home feel. That's my room on the left and the corridor on the right! :D

Every room in the hostel is painted with the different country flags and it was really special. Here's my room! :D I was staying next to Japan.

After freshening up I went out for a stroll and Halifax is just as walkable as other places in Canada!

I can taste the freshly made burgers from writing this post hehehe.

It was indeed a day well spent with other backpackers and staffs from HI Halifax. :D

Excuse me while I eat my burgers! :D

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