#BigBlogX Adventure Day 10: Montreal at Night, La Ronde Amusement Park and Desserts!

I continued my day at Montreal after a crazy day in Toronto. :D Montreal is a city in Quebec and this is the second largest city in Canada!

Dubbed as Canada Cultural City, its official language is French, which I find really interesting! Bonjour bonjour!

Checked into Auberge de Jeunesse HI-Montreal with Gael who picked me up from the airport! Doesn't look like a typical hostel at all right? In fact many hostels under Hosteling International really doesn't look like a typical hostel. :D

Such hipster and cozy interior right? :D

After a quick shower, I went out again with Gael to the city center to view the festivals that were ongoing. No wonder Montreal is Canada's cultural city! :D Everyone were out and happy, enjoying live music, and watching awesome people do art.

Coincidentally there was a #muralfestival ongoing at St Laurent so I got to see street artists do their thing live!


Gael then brought me to Marche 27 to eat tartare! Tartare means finely chopped and served raw.

This is the Plateau Degustation (CND40) which consists of French Beef, Italian Duck, Spicy Veal, Japanese Tuna and Thai Salmon. Do note that everything is raw and you pair it with the bread or crackers provided.

/scared to put raw beef in mouth

I personally prefer the veal and salmon very much. :3

Sweet potato fries which is soft in the outside, crisp on the outside and dills (Taste like pickles) to lighten the stomach.

Raw beef!

The next day, the most exciting of all, I headed to La Ronde Amusement Park!

Unfortunately it was raining and I instantly got depressed. T__________T

Was looking forward to ride La Monstre, the largest roller coaster in Canada but it was closed due to the weather. T________T

But that day, I truly believed in 'There's a silver lining behind every dark cloud' theory.


Managed to play Ednör L'Attaque, a steel inverted roller coaster.

And Le Goliath which is the second tallest and fastest roller coaster in Canada! The best part of this ride is you will be lifted up your seat and before your butt touches the seat, you will be lifted up again.


We also managed to sneak in another tamer roller coaster, the bumper car and a short game in the Nintendo Experience Centre.

Classic theme park food: Hot dog and poutine for lunch!

The rain got heavier so we had to leave. T_____T We went to have coffee and desserts at Juliette & Chocolat instead!

Loved the ambience, and it's perfect to hang out here on a rainy day.

Gael and I had cappuccino, caramel brownies and strawberry & dark chocolate crepe. Truly a perfect way to just unwind hehehe.

Montreal is also a city that is full of surprises. Stumbled upon this poor bicycle while walking.

And a really beautiful piece of art in the subway on the way back to the hostel. It was an indeed a super fun day roaming around the city. Wished I could do it again! :D Stay tune for my next #bigblogx adventure yah! It's ending soon. :(

P/S: Do read my other Canadian adventures if you haven't!

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  1. Auður - I heart ReykjavikWednesday, October 30, 2013

    This post makes me want to go back to Montréal :) I stayed at this hotel once (or my luggage did - I went out and didn't return until noon the next morning and found somewhere else to stay by then) :)

    1. Montreal is really awesome right! Next time you can stay at HI hehe!

  2. OMG! Raw beef?! >.< Dnt think I dare to put it in my mouth except for salmon! :p gosh coconut so crazy and went for those rides heh? (o.o)

  3. that ride looks damn sweet.


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