I Can Swim Already!!

When I was really young, I drowned a few times before. Thank god there were always someone to save me. T______T I like the water but I never knew how to swim haha.

So for the past months, I went for a few lessons with EJ who teaches one how to swim in 12 hours! D:

I was really skeptical at first because apparently you will be able to move in the first hour! I really thought it was impossible but it was real. On my first lesson, I am already learning on how to breath properly.

The moment when I actually moved in the water I was crying in my heart. T_______T

EJ doesn't teach competitive swimming, but instead it's energy efficient swimming and for water survivability, this is why you can learn swimming in 12 hours! To know more, find him at his Facebook page yo! :)

He was really patient in correcting mistakes, especially me who always forget the correct step hoho.

Excuse me while I go practice my swimming! Thank god my condo has a pool. :D

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