Come Run With Me!

Hello!! Just last year I started being more active. Began joining the gym and started running again.

I joined my first marathon last July and never kinda stopped.

Rexona has recently come up with a fantastic idea called Rexona Move where you will get to start moving, and get to contribute to underprivileged children at the same time! The total KM ran will be converted into donations!

So one fine morning, I woke up extra early to do my part (Partly also because I had a huge dinner the day before)! I chose jogging, but there are many other options such as badminton and dancing.

The best part? Even shopping is included ahaha!

All ready to move! ^_^

The app allows you to track the your movement, and tadah!

Not bad eh? :P

You can earn badges the more you run, and that made me ran more. I cannot wait to earn all the badges in the upcoming marathon!

And only after 3 weeks after the launch, we have reached the whole Malaysia woohoo! :D Thank you for the support everyone (And if you haven't join, please do! Hehe) Let's not stop moving cause the more KMs we accumulate, the more children we can help. :')

If you wanna know more about this fun initiative, watch this! :D

I am going to go cover more distance nao to get all the badges!!

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