Besides Bribing, What Can I Do?

So, the last time when I bribed you guys, you guys accepted it and helped me became one of the bloggers for The Big Blog Exchange. I am currently in Canada now!!! :D

And today, I have shamelessly entered this blog for Blogger of the Year at the DiGi WWWOW Awards.

So, besides bribing, what can I do for you to spare me some votes?

Get you loads of maple leaves?
I love soups! Do you? I bet you do!

Ah shit, these are still bribes right?

Pleaseeeee vote for me at the WWWOW awards! It will be super meaningful!!

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  1. I want a pork stew~ xD

  2. haha cheeching you can get more votes if you give BR1M

  3. u owe me soup =P

  4. Good luck to you, chee ching! :)


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