A Walk in a Place I Have Not Been

Sorry I haven't been posting lately! I have been having troubles with the Wi-Fi!

I have been getting comments that I don't share enough photos.

Took a Walk with my pal, Mimi, around KL.
Off the train, past the Mosque   
to Independence Square

We checked out the City Gallery
then to the Central Market
where I did some painting.
The guy there said it was good for my first time!
Hung out at a temple
with this guy.

And I really wanted to see the KL Towers in the daylight.
Just saying, you'd love it too if you were here.
I want to thank Hostel International as well as it's national association, HI-Malaysia. Check out there website here.

And of course, to my guide for the day, Mimi!

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  1. Ohyeay! Finally picture post from you! Good to know you enjoying your days at here! :D


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