Confused Little Girl

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Made My Own Coffee

Comic 02:05

My Education History

Freebies 21:36

Crossing My Fingers

Big Blog Exchange 00:05

What Song Is This?

Comic 22:42

Iron Man 3: My Way

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3 Second Rule

Comic 00:02

When I Save The Best For Last

Comic 01:29

Playing Cooking With My Dad

Childhood 02:47

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Brands I've Worked With

Here are some of the many brands that I've worked with in this blog and other social media channels. I am able to provide a creative approach that will suit your brand's needs in your promotions.

Meet the Author

Hi. I am Chee Ching.

And I'm interested in all things creative. I design, illustrate, draw and create ideas as a job. I also love to travel and see the world.

For blog engagements / opportunities / collaborations / design and drawing services do email me at