Remembering Lyrics

I always remember the lyrics if I do not know the song name, and it works every time when I get home and google it! :D

How do you search for a song when you don't know what's the name of it? And somehow I'll forget the existence of Soundhound haha.

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  1. Hahahaha I'd do the exact same thing actually... :P

  2. i like that song too! the chords were pretty easy too! :)

  3. Same with me! And when listening to songs, I seldom listen to the lyrics....that's why I can't really sing out the whole song except for the chorus. haha

  4. record XD then balik rumah replay to remember or soundhound it.

    Got tricky when trying to identify a thai song tho XD

    1. Does Soundhound works for Thai songs?

  5. I did the same thing as well .. only memorize certain words or the chorus and google later when back home .. :D

  6. I used to do the same until Shazam came along!

  7. I also try to remember the lyrics and search it at google.


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