It's the Little Things..

Haha this is the first time I've gotten a smiley after going to Starbucks for so many times and it really made me happy! I think I'm too simple. Haha. Thank you to the awesome barista which I didn't get her name huhu.

And I really believe that little things like this can really make someone's day. Do you agree?

P/S: I just came back from Perhentian Island! Best place ever!! :D I've decided to blog about Bangkok and Perhentian soon! Soon.. And if you haven't, please give me a vote here: I want to join the Big Blog Exchange and travel more!

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  1. Green tea frap is <3 With soy milk lagi cun! Hehe the barista so cute la give a super wide smiley!

  2. I think I will happy too for this random cute happenings! :3


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