Happy 6th Birthday Nuffnang! :)

It was Nuffnang's 6th Birthday Party 3 weeks ago! :D It was held in Lust, Changkat and when I arrived there around 6.00pm, there were already so many people!

I went in blue!

Drew something at the board and I realized I didn't draw any hands. D:

I got my hair done too by Number 76! The hairdresser gave me braids. At first he tied all my hair up which scared me cause I have a super round face haha. But he fixed it for me! And I loved it!

Played a mini game at Digi Deezer's booth where all I needed to is to guess the song and I won myself a pendrive! Was very impressed by the illustrations as well.

The party is hosted by Isabell and Kevin from TraxxFM.

The best part of the party is actually the games which were really funny. They were actually humming a tune of a sound and I realized I'm not alone when it comes to being monotone hahaha. This group called themselves Diva and they won! :D

Joel, me, Ernest, Caroline and Anne Anne!

There were food, performances, and I managed to catch up with quite a number of people.

And oh I won myself a Getha Pillow through the lucky draw wheee!

Happy birthday again Nuffnang! To many more years to come! :D



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