So after falling down like a crazy girl, I went to the doctor to get things patched up..

Really? Injection because I fell down? He's babbled on how tetanus is incurable blablabla.. But surprisingly the injection was less painful than the disinfecting part of my wound phew.

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  1. so kena get charged ke?

  2. I think in both ways hahaha. ..

  3. charge more naturally

  4. Because I scare they will charged more, I don't dare to go and see doctor for my condition... TT

    1. The thing I scare is that they will persuade me to do surgery when it might not be necessary

  5. trust me~ i'm a doctor >:3

  6. It depends on your injury condition. The injection is the prevention for further infection~ Get well soon Malaysia's Talented comic blogger!

  7. Chee Ching,
    It was appropriate UNLESS you took the vaccine in recent months/ years (6months- 5years) OR you got the full course of anti tetanus vaccination which gives you the immunity against the bacteria. But it's better to have a booster once in a long while. Tetanus is proven to have high fatality/ paralysis rate. So, better be safe than sorry :)


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