Falling Down in Your 20s

I fell down last Tuesday. It was quite a bad fall as both my knees were wounded and my left thumb was swollen. But the first thought I had when I composed myself was, 'OMG so old already still can fall down!' Nobody falls down when they are in their 20s anymore, except me. T__________T

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  1. To make you feel better, gravity hates me so much and even I on my 20's, I fell down. But I laugh every time I fall down.
    Surprisingly I haven't fall down around this year...yet :D

  2. Hahahahahaha... I don't think falling down has anything to do with age and maturing really... hahahahaha...
    Cause.. well you're not alone!!!! I always fall, or make things fall off their places T^T i don't there's any other people in their 20s and still as clumsy as i am...meh~

    xo, Chrisya S.

    1. Cheers to us! And our scarred knees. T.T

  3. sooo painful kan. like many times painful then when young
    the feeling is nostalgic tho XD

    1. And the pain when it was disinfected wuuuuhuuuuu.

  4. hahaha this is so cute ^_^


  5. i fall down sometimes and it has nothing to do with age

  6. Aww its okay I fall down alot of times to and I am coming to 25 this year = =


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