2012 Recap: Here's to 2013!

2012 is over! That is so, so fast! I think I experienced a lot of different things this year. From the sweet ones to bitter. But I'm glad we survived the Mayan apocalypse as well hehe. Here's a obligatory 2012 recap before we usher the new year!

Did an art collaboration with fellow comic bloggers! Spot my pokemon! :P

And I went to FT Island concert!

I rather dehydrate to death.

And I printed name cards!

And hurt my thigh after not exercising for long after badminton. I think this incident made me realize how much exercise I needed, thus I actually went and sign up for gym 2 months later!

Did Marvels The Avengers Chibi Edition! These comes in printed postcards too! More info here. :)

And this happened to me so many times.

I kill plants when I was younger.

And had the privilege to design Audrey and Timothy's wedding invitation card. :') This resulted in many incoming jobs on helping couples design their wedding cards. I love doing so much! :D Do email me at cheechingy@gmail.com if you're interested in customized wedding designs!

Stumbled upon these kind of people all the time.

And lost my phone. T__________T

Made Thor memes that went viral! Haha.

And went for my first sponsored trip with Air Asia! :D Click here to read all the Chiang Mai posts.

News of robbery and abduction was rampant in August. Did a comic on how to protect ourselves in parking lots.

Ranted about our new coins that were introduced.

Went Langkawi for the first time. Could not control myself when I saw the chocolates.

Had my first booth at ChurpOut 2012! And did live caricatures omg! Appeared in The Star and Bernama Radio hehe.

AND I ALSO I WENT TO SEOUL OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. Read all the posts here! :D But I spoilt my 4 month old HTC One X during the Korea trip. T__________T

And I also went to Big Bang ALIVE concert FYEAH!!

And I have the bimbo-est colleague ever.

Got my 2 week old Samsung S3 stolen. T________T So this year, I lost, spoilt and got my phone stolen. badluck.ching.

This year I started a Facebook page, joined Instagram, started doing tablet drawings like these, made wallpapers like Rise of the Guardians, and began actively doing freelance designs. Managed to travel a fair bit as well! Although there were unfortunate events, but I think I have to give and take.

So how was your 2012? Share with me! :) Are you looking forward for 2013 like I do?

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