Which Ending Do You Prefer?

I don't believe in the end of the world, but if it really happens, I've envision 4 possible scenarios.

So which ending do you prefer? :D

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  1. as long as human dies. any will do

  2. exploding potatoes! so i can throw at everyone XD

  3. Zombie feels more reasonable. Too many movie showing zombie so I think so.

  4. i will have raining cactus hahahaha

  5. Lol sangat gory.. I like! Raining cactusses hahaha!

  6. lol what the hell! hmmm raining cactus? XD I pandai avoid mah

  7. potato? explode dy will become hash brown or mash potato?

  8. Raining Cactus! haha...


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