Christmas Special: Rise of the Chibi Guardians

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! :D Here's a present from me to you! :D

Presenting: Rise of the Chibi Guardians wallpaper! :D

Click here to view its full glory and download!

Painstakingly crafted each character as well hehe.

(Haha I'm a guardian as well)
.. so feel free to download them from my page. :)

Hope you like this present to youuuu! Thank you for supporting me all these while. The working file for this piece is so heavy that my laptop cannot really handle it lol. 2013 is coming and I have many plans lined up. There will be a new merchandise and layout! :D Do stay tune ya!

Merry Christmas once again! *Pops confetti*

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  1. Gahhhhhh How could you. Draw my jack frost till so leng zai <3

  2. awesome!!
    jack frost so leng chai Xd

  3. wow! this is super nice! Can i have one guardian as well! I lost my phone too! just the other night, oh i meant it was stolen too!!! waaaa, and now I am sick, literally sick, and just staying at home on my bed :'(


  5. Merry Christmas Chee Ching! Why is Chee Ching guardian so stunned? haha

  6. Awwwww rise of the chibis LOLOL. my fave was sandman! haha
    Lovely drawings dear! xoxo


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