Change All Profile Pictures!

I seldom take my pictures of myself, but when I do, and I get a good one, I'll change all my profile pictures muahahaha.

However, if the results is unsatisfactory.. 

Gotta learn to get my photo angle soon. :P

P/S: Thank you thank you thank you for all the birthday wish! :) Had a simple birthday dinner but it was more than enough this year. :D

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  1. Hey.

    Haven't been around in the blogosphere for almost 2 years now and everything has changed!

    You have grown so well! Not surprising at all as I have always known that your blog is gonna grow as you have such great sense of humor! :)

    1. Thanks! When are you gonna be active back?

  2. Amazing and definitely true. AHAHA

  3. lol. How typical for a lady!

    1. But have to becareful not to spam too hehe.


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