Cauliflowers Are Overcooked Broccolis

My colleague thought cauliflowers are the result of overcooking broccolis because they look the same, only of different colours.

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  1. is she ever been to the store to buy groceries before..?? hahaha.. ;p
    did she ever been to the kitchen..??

  2. hahhahaha that's terrible.

  3. last pic is epic! ur fren fail la hahaha

  4. Hahahaha. The last look is funny. XD

  5. my friend said cauliflower is the brother of broccoli haha

  6. hahaha I know it since I was kid :P

  7. i can die laughing after reading your post...hopefully my so-called "death" won't haunt your site =P

  8. omg... this is too much edi. lol!


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