Samsung Super Sweet BFF Party!

Advertorial 17:20

Asian On Air: Seoul Trip Day 4

Asian on Air 02:31

Complaining About Mom's Nagging

Comic 02:20

Cauliflowers Are Overcooked Broccolis

Bimbo Friends 03:35

Asian On Air: Seoul Trip Day 3

Asian on Air 02:51

Change All Profile Pictures!

Comic 02:57

Shopping in Dong Dae Mun..

Asian on Air 01:56

Asian On Air: Seoul Trip Day 2

Asian on Air 01:36

Whitening Creams Don't Work In A Day

Comic 02:13

I Got Lost in Seoul!

Asian on Air 03:09

Asian On Air: Seoul Trip Day 1

Asian on Air 01:40

I Might Have Loved Another Camera Now

Advertorial 02:20

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