When I Eat Blindfolded

Last week I had a chance to eat Cheesy 7 Pizzas by Pizza Hut. I kinda miss it as I did not had pizzas for a long long time due to my diet regiment. I guess I still love cheese on baked stuff after all.

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  1. not bad! next time can try to blindfolded myself and taste the food and see!

  2. blindfold me and I wont know a single thing I'm eating..

  3. when i eat blindfolded, i miss my mouth

  4. cheesey cheese! Maybe next year or soon got cheese 8 pizza XD

  5. Got a saying...when blindfolded...cheese taste not as good.. >.< dun dare to voice it out that time..lol

    1. Huhu did it felt like that to you?

    2. no difference to me that time fortunately. XD

  6. haha... maybe I can try that out next time.. XD


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