I Was at #ChurpOut2012!

Firstly, thank you Churp Churp for having me on board for your first ChurpOut 2012! :D

I was totally excited for that day! :D

And was afraid at the same time. >_<

Arrived early with Jian to set up. Special thanks to Ah Hao for fetching us to Publika, and waited for us till night. T_T

Booth decorations!

Drawing, meeting and talking to you guys were the happiest thing that happened to me that day! My heart still flutters when I think back about it now. :D To everyone who came, I love you guys!!

The highlight of the day was the opportunity to draw caricatures with the #CelcomNote2 on spot for the public and boy was I nervous.

I had fun though, and could not stop drawing. :D

Total of 35 drawings! :D

One thing that I regret is not able to explore all the other activities sigh. :'( From other blogposts that I've read, there were so many fun stuff to do on that, and I did not regret one bit participating in ChurpChurp's first major scale ChurpOut! :D

Oh ya! I still have the postcards for sale! :D Only RM2 each. Do comment below or email me at cheechingy@gmail.com to purchase! :D

Pictures credit to Estee and Tze Ching!

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  1. was an awesome event you guys had there :D

    1. eah! And seeing Fresh and the rest not sleeping but still look fresh haha.

  2. kyaaaaaa. the drawings are so cute <3

  3. Wah.. the drawing of danielctw so cute... :D :D :D *bangga bangga*

  4. I want to buy the postcards. I want 1 for each postcards. Still available or not? I reaaaaallyyy like your drawings. So cute one :D

    1. Still available! Email me at cheechingy@gmail.com. :)

  5. Yeah, I'm kinda new here....but I really like your drawings. :D Too bad you are not in Sarawak.

    1. You can always find me if you're in Peninsular hehe.


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