I Had Thoughts of Committing Suicide When I Was Younger..

*This post is for a social cause. :)*

Did you know that majority of youths in Malaysia and around the world suffer from depression? Mostly the smallest things that happen made them felt that the world no longer loves them. It is very difficult to actually notice if one is suffering from depression, and this is why it is super important for us to recognize the symptoms or at least be aware of the cause.

Depression is also one of the most prominent reason that leads them to commit suicide. When I was a teenager, I also wanted to commit suicide after only a small argument with my parents. I felt that they no longer love me and no longer loves me anymore. Stupid, I know, but there are many youths out there who got nobody to reach out for and this escalate the issue even further.

A reader of mine, Gwen asked me for a favour in promoting HELP World Mental Health Day which her team are organizing. There will be a two day exhibition where we can all learn all about depression and how it leads to suicide.

Dates: 27th - 28th October 2012
Venue: Piazza, the Curve (Right outside Laundry Bar)

There will be performances, exhibitions, workshops and booths so if you're free, drop by and learn more about these issues! :) I guess if we're having problems, try to speak out, and if we don't, try to look for for the symptoms.

Do you have any experience with depression or have friends and family who's suffering from depression?

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  1. Ahh, I have this problem for years when younger. Almost did it too. Brain thinked too much. Now don't think so much and just affects my work so much. It is a real disease and it is very deadly

    1. Yeah! And the worst thing is that it's happening everywhere, even to the youngest teens. :(

  2. Probably one of the easiest but less used methods to overcome this is to have adults WHO ACTUALLY LISTENS to them and take them seriously. Some adults will felt whatever faced by a kid, it is so petty and trivial and many were ignored

    1. Hm true that. Like they will just ignore cause they think it's not serious to the kid. :(

  3. Most of the time the adults don't know about the child's condition. I never told my parents about my problems and they still have no idea till now.

  4. the befrender is another avenue to go for those who suffers in depression

  5. when I was younger I kept all the problems to myself and I think I'm silly enough to actually cut myself lol. Think of it now really makes me want to bang my head to toufu

  6. so true. :x So do i as a teenager have thoughts of suicide. Is it so common that is almost naturally for this generation? :/

  7. Thank you CheeChingy <3 I'm from the organizing team! Really appreciate your post :D

  8. Thanks for the Artwork Chee Ching! :)
    By the way just as mentioned, Befrienders is a non-profit organisation offering emotional support to the depressed and suicidal through the telephone, e-mail and by letters.
    So, if have anything in your mind and you are trying to get it out :) Why not go for it :D

  9. The worst part of depression, it comes creeping into your life and you might not even notice it.. But Thanks for the post anyway!


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