I Am Always On The Phone These Days..

When I'm waiting for the bus..

Or when it's raining..

When I'm having lunch..

When I'm waiting to reach the ground floor..

And even when I'm exercising!


Because I am so addicted to the conversation feature in NuffnangX! I love replying comments on the go! So please please follow me and create conversations with me okay!

Just download the app from above, join me in NuffnangX, and we can chat whole dayyyyyyyy and nighttttttt! :D NuffnangX is an app where it enables you to read blogs on the go, and connect directly with bloggers that you like! :D I've even added so many design blogs where I could read them, all in one app!


P/S: I can has almost reach another milestone on my page! Do support me here. I love you guys long time!

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  1. I'm also always on my phone to stalk awesome blogs on NuffnangX! :)

    1. zomg! more fun now because you replied! :)) have a good night rest Chee Ching!

  2. everybody is having nuffnangX!!! so great that we can now chat!!!! hehehehe

    1. Awesome possum! Why aren't you sleeping yet hehe.

    2. Cause bloggers like u update blog late at night!! And now with nuffnangX is hard to miss it!!! XD

  3. Okay. Decided to follow u because if this. You sure is funny!!

  4. ok type more, type now! hahaha

  5. OMG 2 more to go!!! ^____________^ NuffnangX doesn't work right on my blog. =(

  6. Oh Snap ! .. I am using Windows Phone, can't support the app. Sigh ..

  7. Since I am always out and barely had time at home to read, I can read blogs more on Nuffnang X!! Woohoo!!


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