cheeChingy and Miao Will Be In #Churpout 2012..

... and we have plans. We have plans to conceal ourselves.

I think Jian will look really good as Miao Cullen. :D

It was tough finding whatever Jian told me to find, but I did it!!

This Saturday, keep your calendar free cause #ChurpOut 2012 is happening at Publika! :D

Miao and I will be having a drawing booth there, so come and say hi! I will also draw you guys for charity! :D I am reallllllyyy shy, but I'll be even more shy if no one come. :( It's gonna be real fun I'm sure! :D

Do RSVP here as first 1000 who do so get a goodie bag! See you all there! :D

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  1. will be @ churpout wt my kid to see you. hopefully i can identify u since i've only seen the cartoon version of u on your blog. duh, i know. my kid will adore you cos she loves loves loves cutesy drawings like those u do. cya!

  2. Alvin Lim of Cubic NationThursday, October 31, 2013

    woo, nice nice. good luck ya. see if I'm free to drop by :D

  3. LOLOLOL. Ching a~ U must wear like that on that day ok? :X Imma video tape you dance oppa gangnam style

  4. if i don't see you dress like that, i will assume you are not around

    1. Yes please hehehe. How to run marathon with that ah later.

  5. Wa. Im very excited abt the "drawing" part leh!

  6. See u there dearie!

  7. Took me awhile to realize the third one is a bra. Or is it not? XD

    1. It's a sexy bikini for Miao but he decided to wear a box instead sob.


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