That Magical Place

Sometimes when I go out from the wrong floor in my condo, I stumble upon this magical place that I've never seen before.

It is so weird that you feel so lost all of a sudden just because you went out to the wrong floor! And it always happen to me. Do you feel that way too when you got off the wrong floor no matter at your condominium or office?

Lucky that feeling is only temporary. Had this happen to you before or am I just weird?

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  1. hahaha same thing happened to me before XD

    was living in my dream world that i forgot to look at the floor XD

  2. Hahaha.. Happens to me all the time too! Usually I'll just go back to the elevator with my head down.. *so embarrased* :P

  3. haha XD
    happens to me too!
    ran out and found out that's not the place that i wanted to go ><

  4. well it does happens! and it is the awkward moment when u found out and u turn back, people in the lift will be looking at you. SUPER AWKWARD! =S

  5. LOL. You are too cute to be true.

  6. Hahaha. Always happens to me if I'm taking the elevator alone XD


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