Slim- Slim- Slim TVs in Senheng

Last week, I went to Senheng to check out some slim TVs promotions in conjunction with their 23rd anniversary.

What greeted me was a huge array of TVs that I could ever find in one place. They have brands like Samsung, Toshiba, Sony, Panasonic and Sharp, which are all included in their promotions! :D

Here is Mr Manager showing me around on the arrays of TVs.

He was very patient with me as I was asking loads of questions (stupid ones too). He explained about the promotions available for the different brands as well.

As I browsed through the TVs, I saw that magical TV.

Sharp’s Aquos LED TV 60”!! Imagine watching Running Man in this TV woolala.

Mr Manager explained to me about the ongoing promotion for this TV. Senheng members get RM500 off at RM5499 for this beauty. At Full HD 1080, it has 3HDMI, USB and PC input. Senheng is also throwing in a free HDMI cable and RM120 discount when you subscribe to Astro B.Yond.

I was not a Plus One member so I could not enjoy member’s price. Mr Manager explained to me that every member gets an additional year’s coverage on the existing warranty with any purchase for only RM12 per year. I can also choose to extend extra years warranty under V-Care, which provides coverage for parts and labor of the items as well.

Small appliances are applicable to one on one exchange program for a small fee, but don’t misuse it okay! :3

Oh oh, Senheng is also organizing a contest for you to win Samsung Galaxy SIII in conjunction with their 23rd anniversary!

Click here to know more! :D

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