Korea-ception, I went to Korea?

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So I went to South Korea under this program called Asian on Air organized by Korean Air, buzz KOREA and Korea Tourism Organization by just blogging about the 'Things That I Want To Do' there!

We arrived at the amazing Incheon International Airport for a fun filled 5 days 4 nights trip!

Our first destination was to visit the traditional buildings in Korea. We boarded the Seoul City Tour to Gyeongbokgung Palace, the royal palace of the Joseon, Korea's last dynasty.

This palace is first constructed in 1394, and then reconstructed in the mid 1800s and today, is it voted the most scenic location in Seoul.

I also wanted to try all the different food and delicacy in Korea, and had that very chance to do so. I love Korean dishes like Bibimbap and Bulgogi and having to do this is like a dream come true to my stomach. :D I love that there are so many ban chan(s) to choose from whenever you have a Korean meal as well.

And how can I forget the famous dishes in Korea. And the Korean Beef BBQ nom nom nom.

We also went to Dong Dae Mun (Which I saw on Running Man variety show) and boy, I love that place so much! Dong Dae Mun market boasts all things imaginable, from clothes to accesories! :)

Here is also where I tried on Hanbok, the traditional costume of Korea, which is something that I want to try on for the longest time. I think I look really cute in a Hanbok don't I? :P

Refusing to let go of my hanbok, the next thing on my to do list in Korea is to visit the famous Jeju Island! So much have been heard and seen of this island, and it was so beautiful!

Went and visit the famous Harubang Phallic statues, the guardians of Jeju Island as well. :D Another to-do-list in Korea checked!

Lotte World was our next stop! Lotte World is listed in Guinness's Book of Record as the biggest indoor theme park woolala! I also dub it as the happiest place that one can visit on a holiday! All the rides and attractions just makes me so much happier.


Managed to get onto the best rides around and my adrenaline rush seriously went up!

Lotte World was one of the best thing to do in Korea for me. :)

After a tiring day, we finally checked in into hotel after a fun filled day. Day 2 will be kept for another post ya!


And so the next day, we went to Gangnam District! I've always wanted to go there after watching Gangnam Style by PSY. :D

Gangnam District really lived up to my expectations.
The best part of the trip is actually meeting PSY itself!!!

We also danced the popular Gangnam Style, in Gangnam!!

I think I just got Korea-ception! This shows how much I really want to win these. :( Even dreamt about it twice, inception style.


Actually, those are the things that I really, really wanna do if I ever get a chance to go to Korea, besides meeting Big Bang and 2NE1 of course. This post is actually for a contest called Asian on Air Program by:

where they will be sending 10 bloggers and vloggers to Korea for 5 days! Oh pick me pick me! I promise I'll tweet and update on my SNS channels non stop. :D

Here's a wallpaper for you guys as well! Download at my Facebook page here! :)

*Pictures used in this post are credited to their respective owners

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  1. OMG!! you're SO gonna WIN!!! :D finger crossed!!

    1. Hopefullyyyyy. Spent whole night yesterday hehehe. :D

  2. wah!!! I want... last day wei..

  3. Cute!!!!! You are so going to win the ocntest!


  5. This is an awesome entry! LOL. Nothing beats waking up from a dreaming of waking up from a dream.

  6. hahahah! no sweat~ totally into it!

  7. sooo much creative! XD i love your artworks and the blog's layout. My most favorite is the one with PSY for gangnam style :p wish you luck for the contest ^^

  8. hERMSO!! Me encanto!!! I really want to win too!!! GOOD LUCK!!


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