Instagram Disaster

Everytime I do not get likes on my Instagram, I usually deletes them. It's not instagram worthy!! Do you do it too, or is it only me?! O________________________O

What's your purpose in Instagram anyway? Share with me! And do follow me in Instagram! :D

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  1. It's a disorder when you expect people to like/comment on your status/updates/photos!

    I think I have it too. :P

  2. hmm..not an Instagram user =_="

  3. i have that disorder for my blog posts...almost deletye got la..never delete before.. T3T

  4. Ehhh, you delete wan meh ? I never delete want le. Some don't get any likes also. But leave it there for memories? hahaha

  5. hahahha.. don't delete it.. just add a new comment or post your picture with hashtag such as #cloud #scenery #instacloud or any other available hashtag etc
    Someone from other side of the world might stumble upon your pictures and like it. XD

  6. hahahahah! i was like this! agree! :D

  7. lol...i don't care. if you like my pic, then just like it. you wanna comment then just comment. Its my pic and I upload for myself only >.<

  8. Erm, I never think of anyone will LIKE my Instagram photos. I share it because I love to share. TO me it does not matter whether like or not.. is my art work of taking photos

  9. it's OK bah.. leave it there. i don't check IG very often. my purpose in IG, is to see "pretty" things :D but i've never clicked "LIKE" even if i like it lolololol.


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