Air Asia Chiang Mai Adventures Part Four: White Water Rafting

One of the best thing that happened to me in this Air Asia Chiang Mai trip is the opportunity to go on white water rafting and ziplining!! I love all things adventurous and I would love to experience these again.

Pictures courtesy to Waterrunner Tours, the lovely organizers and excellent guides that made this experience really memorable! :) Our whole duration at Mae Tang River was around 10km and the rapids are dubbed level 4+!

It's my first white water rafting experience, and I'm pretty sure it won't be the last. :D If you're ever in Chiang Mai and would love to go for white water rafting, contact Waterrunner Tours here! :)

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  1. HAHAHA this is exactly what caroline will do..duduk saja and let others do the work

  2. i absolutely love it. Let's do it again soon Ching! Game?

  3. me and you, same same HAHAHAH... no energy and duno how to paddle lah!

  4. Eric:
    Haha actually I got pedal hard!

    Hehe wheee! :D


    Let's plan a trip!

    Hahaha! So noob kan we all.


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