Tokens or Coins?

Seriously, I hate the new coins. First, it does not differentiate the value of each coin. Their sizes are not much of a difference. Secondly, it is so light that when you drop it onto the floor, it makes no sound. Thirdly, it looks more like those tokens you get from arcades!!! Hello, at least make the 50 cents bigger than the rest? -____-

And the worse thing is, our new notes are a joke as well. I think I can just buy a monopoly set and use those money. Now whenever I get the new coins or notes, I'll use it immediately.

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  1. Coins are expensive to make, so they remove the expensive metal ( nickel, i think) in there. Hence the weight and soundless.

    Our country is getting poorer, what to do. The money getting smaller and priceless.

  2. Same here.. I prefer old notes and coins...use them immediately as well

  3. same i also instantly use them.. true.. country semakin miskin..

  4. I cudnt agree more!!

    At least make them in different sizes lah. Dah berapa kali cashiers gave me wrong amount bcoz they got confused with the coins. Kesian the cashiers mesti duit dalam their register selalu short.

  5. Same here!!! I don't really like the new coins... Thank God I have a container full of the old coins.. XD

  6. I received tons of new 50 cent coins after I paid my parking tickets. The machine just dropped me coinst that worth RM 5. T.T

  7. Got sound, but there's no "ring" to it. :D


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