New Way of Stealing from Your Home

This happened in my grandma's house in Ipoh.

This is a new revolutionary way to steal from houses seriously. By using a make shift bamboo pole to steal whatever the house have through the window. My grandparents do not have the habit of closing the windows of their home, until now, when my grandma's purse has been taken through this method.

And he had the liberty to leave the bamboo outside my grandma's home! >D

Please becareful and lock everything including the windows guys.

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  1. I think ppl use that to steal lingerie a long time ago. Close all the windows!!

  2. And now we have to even close our windows? Think we better just live in safe boxes... -.-

  3. That bamboo thief! I've heard of this before, like people grab using their own hands. But with a bamboo stick? Thieves nowadays, damn.

    btw, blogwalking here. Nice blog you got here yo. Me likey. And cute drawing :D
    Nice to meet ya.

  4. yikes. well, just make sure to keep all your bags and precious things in a safe place!

  5. j_fish:

    Yah. Or caves. :(

    Thanks! :D Nice to meet you too.

    Yeah under bed or something. :(

  6. Lol. steal bag like a boss. any weird pattern also got sia.

  7. My sister was one of the victim loong time ago. Somemore she stay at second floor =.="

  8. and make sure, dont put the precious stuff near with the window.


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