Fish Bone? No Problem!

Little did my mom know, I have a hidden talent.

I'm a professional fish bone spitter! Surprisingly, I am able to sort out the fish bones expertly hohoho. So I do not need to be afraid of dying from fish bones!

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  1. Haaa ha! Are you kidding me mom..


  2. hahahahhaa! xD your mom so cute! lol
    chicken seems to be easier i guess, since its bigger. :X

  3. The "MOM REALLY?" face is damn epic! On contrary, I am really poor at eating fish especially those with delicate tiny bones. I sometimes abandoned eating fish if there are too many bones. Anyway nice comic!

  4. lol. Very helpful skill indeed~ I hate it when the bones got stuck in my throat and just won't go away for days!

  5. Wah Wah Wah!!!!! I want to learn that!!! I choke fish bones very often...

  6. lmao XD sounds kewl eh the pew pew pew.

    I cant do it on fish but chicken! :D

  7. Must be a good kisser too.

    If you know what i mean.

  8. Hahaha. Your face in the last frame made me laugh. XD I was really good with fish bones too and I couldn't understand why others are so amazed when I do that. XD

  9. HAHAHAHAHAAHA the last one is a bomb! and btw i can filtered fish bone pretty well too! u should try eating eel. they got the most complicated bones. =p and we should totally make one competition. HAHAHAHA


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