Everyone Got Heart Attack Last Sunday

Last Sunday was the epic match between Dato' Lee Chong Wei and Lindan in the Olympic 2012 finals! I myself watched through YouTube, and with every passing shot I get one heart attack. That feeling was so unbearable!

Uploaded this drawing of Lee Chong Wei right after the match. :(

Nevertheless, congratulations! Malaysia finally have a medal whee!

P/S: I'm also experimenting with panel comics. And I kinda like the dynamism it provides! Click here to see the panel version of this post! :D What do you think? Do you like the old style or panel?

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  1. Yeah. Kind of heart break when saw him cried . Feel sad for him

  2. Hope Chong Wei faster recover > . <

  3. why u draw Dato' mata sepet wan? hahaha

  4. Panel is nice for social media. Old style is good for blog! Win-win!

  5. Hahahaha love those animations ;D

    Btw we're having a giveaway on our blog and not so many people are participating so check it out ;D


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